Milestones of Labour Monument. City of Brampton 2013

If the sun were observed and recorded each day at “true noon” for a year, the resulting shape of its movement across the sky would be a figure eight or Analemma.

This sign of infinity will be marked on the ground with geodes set into black granite. The noon time sun will beam through a small hole in the brick dome causing the geodes to sparkle while highlighting dates that are relevant to Labour and the world.

A special beam of rainbow light passing through a prism in the tube carried by the three figures on the dome will mark April 28th; the National Day of Mourning for Workers Killed or Injured in the Workplace.

The sculpture depicts three life-size, welded, nickel-silver figures of different ages, genders and ethnic backgrounds carrying a “Rainbow Reflector” as they ascend the dome of a structure reminiscent of a brick kiln.

August 20, 2012

Soft Openning approaching!

Some suggested dates are: April 28th – Day of Mourning May 1st – International Workers Day June 21st – National Aboriginal Day First Monday in …


Sally Lawrence & Robert Moir: Sculptors

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